Representing theĀ Global concept, Lamit Company provides the largest range of satellite services worldwide.

We have designed our own software/ hardware platforms that could be applied in any present or future network environment for keeping the military bases in contact with the rest of the world. The professional broadband satellite Internet two-way connection (Internet service), fixed or mobile, features levels of maximum data transfers at minimal costs. The service can be customized for each client depending on his needs and also depending on his location.

The military personnel deployed in the region, the government agencies, the contractors, the universities, the Internet Cafes, and the local Iraqi/Afghani businesses companies are among the many subscribers who succesfully use this service every day in order to be in permanent contact with the rest of the world.

The Military Bases from Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan, as well as the personnel from all branches of the military, are using every day the Internet broadband satellite offered by our company in order to keep the contact with their families and to transfer important encrypted data.

A vast communications network provides stable, permanent broadband communication any time.
The bidirectional satellite access is always active, and the speeds are comparable with DSL.
The bidirectional internet service via satellite for the army allows all military personnel, troops, marines and civilian staff from all departments of Military Bases, throughout the Middle East, to communicate without any restrictions. They exchange e-mails, instant messages, can surf the web, can speak using the popular VoIP (cheap phone via internet) and share photos/videos in real time.

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